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Helping customers manage energy risk in a changing world

The Freepoint Difference

Today’s business climate is more unpredictable than ever. Our product suite is rapidly evolving to meet our customers’ needs. We provide robust offerings of supply and demand side solutions, in addition to a growing suite of renewable products to help our customers navigate their sustainability needs.

Our people are at the heart of all our solutions. Our company, customers, and business partners are all enriched by the knowledge, expertise, creativity, and diverse life experiences our team brings to the table.

Let our network, resources and experience help guide you in your management of energy costs and sustainability goals for years to come.

A Comprehensive Suite of Electricity Supply Solutions


A fixed price product enables you to lock in a set rate per kilowatt hour for the supply portion of your electricity bill. We offer a variety of contract lengths to suit your needs. If you’re looking for budget stability and more predictable operational costs, a fixed price product might be a good fit for your business.


Budget certainty and predictability of energy costs.


Inability to capitalize on market fluctuation if prices decrease over time.


Businesses with a low risk tolerance or limited budget flexibility.


Hybrid products allow you to realize the benefits of both fixed and variable pricing strategies, within a single product. You’ll be able to fix certain cost components and tie others to a market rate to take advantage of positive market fluctuations, based on the risk tolerance and objectives of your business. A hybrid product is highly customizable and provides businesses the ultimate in flexibility.


Businesses can lock certain energy cost components and tie others to a market rate; allowing your business to capitalize on the advantages of both a fixed and variable product.


Some exposure to market fluctuations.


Businesses who have well thought out energy management and procurement strategies and that actively manage energy usage.


An index product is tied to market rates that fluctuate. If your business is seeking budget stability, an index price product typically doesn’t provide predictability because supply pricing is tied to fluctuating market rates.


Flexibility to capitalize on price fluctuations when the market rates for energy are low.


Exposure to market fluctuations.


Businesses with a higher risk tolerance, that actively manage energy usage, and are looking to take advantage of fluctuations when market rates for energy are low.

Helping you achieve your efficiency and ESG goals

The ESG landscape can be overwhelming, with seemingly infinite options. Freepoint is at the forefront of the energy transition. We will provide clarity and help you implement an energy strategy that makes the most sense for your business. 

Whether you’re looking for renewable energy product options to support your organization’s renewable energy targets or exploring solutions that help your business reduce and optimize energy consumption, Freepoint is here to help. 

Reach out to our team of energy experts today to begin formulating a comprehensive strategy that aligns your ESG, commodity procurement, and energy management goals.


Instant Access to Your Accounts

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Energy solutions for customers large and small

Commercial & Industrial


Larger customers often require a variety of product options, and the ability to customize products.  Whether you’re looking for energy supply for a portfolio of office buildings or a manufacturing facility, Freepoint has multiple products it can tailor to meet your business needs.

National Accounts


Customers with large footprints across multiple states require flexibility. Freepoint can help you manage your enterprise-wide energy portfolio and assist in executing a comprehensive strategy tailored to your unique needs.

Public Entities


Freepoint has vast experience serving the needs of government entities.  Freepoint understands the legal, energy, sustainability, and security frameworks under which different types of government entities operate and has the experience required to structure energy products to meet those unique needs.

Small Business


From retail establishments to local coffee shops, Freepoint powers small businesses across the U.S.

We are the retail energy subsidiary of Freepoint Commodities

Freepoint Energy Solutions is the retail energy subsidiary of Freepoint Commodities, one of the most experienced and respected names in the commodities industry.  In 2011, Freepoint Commodities partnered with Stone Point Capital to build a physical commodity merchant platform.  Stone Point Capital, a leading private equity firm, invests in businesses within the global financial services industry and has raised more than $26 billion in aggregate capital commitments.

Over the past ten years, Freepoint Commodities has built a world-class enterprise with more than 500 employees in over a dozen locations around the world.  As a subsidiary of Freepoint Commodities, Freepoint Energy Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer the resources and expertise of a global commodities merchant with the flexibility and responsiveness of a boutique firm.

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